Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Extremism or Necessary?

One little boy! 19 months old! He seems pretty healthy to me, physically. But get a glimpse of what his case worker at the CDSA (Children's Developmental Services Agency) and his regular pediatrician say he will need in the next month or so:

1. An EEG and MRI
2. An occupational therapy evaluation
3. An oral assessment
4. A swallowing study
5. A psychiatric evaluation
6. A medical evaluation

I aked about the medical evaluation. I told them he just saw his pediatrician for his 18mo well visit. Wasn't that a medical evaluation? Yes and No. Evidently there's a different king of medical evaluation. Ooooo-kay. And mind you, that that list is BEFORE he has even seen the developmental pediatrician.

He's scheduled to see the developmental pediatrician this Thursday. The problem or concern I have about the length of this list is that every time you see a specialist or a therapist, they refer you to at least two more doctors or specialists. And everyone you see has at least a couple of evaluations or tests to run.

So 6x2=12, right? And then 12x2=24 and where does it all end? Gee Whiz!


  1. Wow What a long list--Just try to take it one step at a time and remember that the God who created your precious boy & you & me will have the final say in his(our) future
    I will be praying for you & yours
    Peace out my friend
    much love & blessings

  2. Good Luck with all the tests, your little guy is a toughie and he will sail thru it. Poor mommy.