Monday, April 6, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

Hey guys! I wrote this last Friday while the boys were taking their nap!

What a nice surprise! We are at White Lake and the weather report said it was supposed to rain all day today. Not just a little here or there, but literally all day. It is after 1pm and we have yet to see a drop. The sun is shining like a beautiful gift from Heaven. It is very windy, but we can play outside in the wind. I just need to make sure Stewart, our Miniature Schnauzer doesn’t blow away!

And we have plaaaaaayyyyed outside today! As soon as we were able, Conner hopped on his bicycle and Parker and I walked with him to the lake. We counted 17 ducks swimming and riding the waves. Mind you, this is a lake, not the ocean. The waves were caused by the 30mph winds, but we didn’t mind and the ducks didn’t seem to either. Parker, who is getting good at pointing, pointed to the ducks and signed, “me” indicating he wanted a duck. If his Daddy were here, I would have sent him into the lake after one, but he couldn’t join us this time. And any of you who know Jerry, know that despite his undying loyalty to me and the boys he would have laughed at me “sending him” into freezing cold water after a duck anyway!

We’ve been to the playground, and after a fun snack of cheese crackers and juice boxes in the wagon, the boys played in the street for about an hour. **GASP** Did she say, “play in the street??” Yep. In this little RV community, the streets are more like glorified sidewalks and the property owner/manager has made it clear that children have the right of way here and everyone better kept it slow. I have yet to see another vechile drive down our street today anyway. So, in the street, Conner rode his scooter, Parker’s tricycle, and his bike. Parker amused himself for the longest time by pushing the wagon in a circle. He had a few breakdowns when it would roll off the pavement and stop moving. But he had a great time. He also pushed himself backwards on his tricycle a few feet. This is good because he has just learned to do that and I understand they usually go backwards before they learn how to move forwards.

I was prepared for today to be gloomy and wet. But it sure has turned out to be nice. Sometimes we don’t get what we want and we’re disappointed. Isn’t it nice when the opposite happens? This is just what the doctor ordered! I’m going to go enjoy it some more!

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  1. Ahhh, sounds like perfect times! Glad the weather was good and the kiddos had fun!