Thursday, April 2, 2009

Patience and Flexibility

Jerry recently had the priviledge of working with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They built a home in Jamestown, NC. As he was working on the site, Jerry and one of the regular employees were chatting about the various challenges of construction on such a tight schedule. The guy told Jerry that he always came to work with a bucket in each hand. One of the buckets was labeled "patience" and the other "flexibility"

A couple of weeks ago I met with Parker's case worker from the CDSA. She said that she would make arrangements for Parker to see the developmental pediatrician tomorrow. That she would make sure that date was open for all the people who need to be there and call me back. I never heard from her so I called today to make sure we were still "on" and she said that Parker's appointment had been made for next Thursday instead. I suppressed the urge to make a smart comment along the lines of "I guess I didn't need to know." *deep breath* Fine.
Patience and Flexibility.

Earlier in the week I checked the weather report. The forecast showed rain Wednesday but sunny skies from Thursday until Monday. I was so excited. I decided to take the boys to the Lake to play outdoors for a nice long weekend. I planned to bring their bikes, scooter, power wheels, sidewalk chalk, stale bread to feed the ducks, and their beloved wagon. But when I checked the forecast it had *gasp* changed!!! Rain Rain Rain!!! Rain today, tomorrow, Friday and possibly Sunday! Waaaaaa! We will have to go some other time I suppose.
Patience and Flexibility.


  1. Sorry your mini vacation was a bust! I am telling you, patience and flexability are such hard virtues to have!

  2. Tough characters to have, but great ones!! Hang in there, I'm praying. BTW: It is Jamesville, NC. :0) Sorry, gotta stick up for my hometown.

  3. Patience and flexibility everybody needs 'em lol but sometimes the buckets get heavy and you just want to throw them down and roll on the ground and throw a fit (:0
    but then we get over it put on our big girl pants & get back to the business of life :)