Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parker Had a Seizure

This afternoon the boys and I were leaving to go to the doctor’s office (of all places) for some records. I held Parker with my left arm, and used my right hand to activate the automatic door on my van. When the door started to open, Parker’s body became very stiff and he started convulsing in my arms.

I’m sure I had a rather stupid look on my face while I just stood there and watched him shaking. The whole event didn’t last longer than 7 or 8 seconds. It was very brief, but shocking.
We called the doctor’s office to decide if we needed to go to the ER, their office, or nowhere at all. We ended up going to the office and the hospital! Parker is fine. It must not have been too bad, because he didn’t get sleepy afterwards. He was eerily normal. He was crying in the van (not atypical) so I started a Diego video and he was fine.

His regular pediatrician examined him and said that he passed his “neurological” exam. She said that sometimes the brain just misfires. A single seizure all by itself is not cause for too much alarm. She did send us to the hospital for some bloodwork, but we were in and out of there in 20 minutes. When can you say you’ve ever made an unplanned trip to the hospital and left in 20 minutes?!!!

After the doctor’s office and the hospital, I brought him home, fed him supper and sat down to play with his farm set. I said, “Look Parker! It’s a cow!!” And that sweet little boy threw me a bone. He said, “Moo!” :D As if to say, “I’m okay Mama!”

Thanks for your prayers again! I wonder if the delays and symptoms of autism, sleeplessness, and incessant crying could be related to whatever caused the seizure. But there’s no way of knowing that until he sees the neurologist, so I’m trying not to worry. We’ve been through a lot with Parker lately and my overactive fear trigger went straight to brain tumor! Sheesh! I need to calm down!

So, that’s what happened. He’s okay and I am too. I’m taking a few deep breaths and enjoying a glass of sweet tea. Parker is asleep and everything is going to be just fine.


  1. ((Hugs))
    I am sorry you had such a scary experience.

  2. Wow, that must of been so scary!! I am glad he seems fine now and I hope it never happens to either of you again.