Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parker’s First Words!!

Last Tuesday morning, the boys and I went to Gulley’s Plant Nursery to find a birthday gift for my mom (aka, Nana). Conner and Parker enjoyed walking around outside looking at all the plants and shrubs. It’s one of those places that makes you feel like you’re in a garden. A nice break from the commercial feel of the big chain stores.

We went inside to pay for our things and there was a model train chugging around a track near the ceiling. Parker, who loves anything that moves in a circle noticed it before I did, pointed with his finger and said, “Choo-choo!!”

My throat closed and my eyes filled with tears. The child is 19 months old and he finally said his first words!! He has said a few words like “all done”, “stink stink”, and “get down” so technically they weren’t really his first words, but let me explain.

Parker uses the phrases “all done” and “get down” interchangeably. After many months of very direct instruction ;) Parker started saying them so I’d get him down from his high chair or out of a swing. He is using them appropriately and is communicating with those phrases. We are very thankful for that. But it’s really more of a habit than anything else. It’s a hoop he jumps through to get down.

But the train! We had never seen that train! We have several books at home about trains. When I read to Parker, I don’t read the text. I choose something I want him to learn how to say. On every page I find that thing, say it twice and touch it with his finger. We have some toy trains he has played with a few times. But how he made the connection from the books and toys to that train in the nursery I don’t know. That was all Parker!

It was the first time he ever called something by one of its characteristics. It was like he was naming it. He has never called an object or a person by their name, so this was a giant step for him. A heartwarming moment of hope. My mind goes, “If he can see a train and say “choo-choo”, he should be able to say anything.” It doesn’t take much to get hope stirring again. Just a tiny little something every now and then. Thanks, Lord!


  1. Oh mama I know how you feel! I have an 11 month old and a 23 month old and my oldest doesn't communicate well either. He says a few "words" but they are like Parker's... more habits. Praise God for "Choo Choo!" That filled my eyes too. I found your blog through Debateur Debates.

  2. That is wonderful! A very positive sign!

  3. Yay!! I saw that on the forum-but didn't have a chance to reply!!! That's AWESOME news!!! WTG Parker!!!