Monday, April 20, 2009

Here we go again!

Parker has an appointment with his pediatric neurologist today. I'm hoping to discuss his low muscle tone (hypotonia), developmental delays, the seizure, and a long list of other puzzling behaviors.

I dread these appointments. There's nothing fun about them, but it's nice to get information. So far the pattern has been to see one doctor and be sent to at least two more, so we'll see if the pattern continues, lol. I do expect the doctor to order some tests that we'll need to have done and then I'm assuming we'll be back for a follow up visit.

I'm still not convinced that Parker doesn't have autism. I know the developmental pediatrician and pediatric psychologist don't think he does, but I still don't understand their rationale for that. They say because he makes eye contact and at times enjoys social interaction that they're not thinking ASD, but I've seen plenty of children or heard of plenty that do the same and have it. My concern is that *if* he does have autism, we could miss 6mo to a year of treatments waiting for a diagnosis. It's hard to diagnose autism period. It's harder to diagnose a two year old, and Parker's only 19mo old -almost 20. But, it's hard to ignore all the symptoms even the ones that are mild. It seems to me that 1+1 should = 2.

Let's hope it doesn't this time. ;)

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  1. I hope they diagnose him! I have kids in my class at work that make eye contact and stuff...Weird...I get that most autistic kids don't...but thats why autism is so hard to diagnose is because every kid is different! Jeez--I'm FRUSTRATED w/ you!!!