Monday, March 30, 2009

My two little goofballs playing at the zoo last fall. I have several short video clips of those two playing in those water buckets. I love them all, but this one is my favorite.

Jerry and I bought a year long family pass to the NC zoo. It's not that far from where we live right now, so the boys and I can go for the morning. They enjoy the animals, but what they really like is playing in the sand box and this chalk station.

There is a giant chalk board wall behind them. The zoo provides tons of sidewalk chalk, spray bottles, and paint brushes for the children to play with. It serves as a way to stay cool and for the children to actually play. So much of the zoo is just looking, so it's a welcomed spot for a mother with two young boys.

When this video was taken, Conner was 2 years and Parker was 14.5mo old and was just learning to walk. I love it becuase they are so happy. Life can really be a struggle sometimes, so moments like these I tresure.

The name of this blog is Hope and a Future. Moments like these give me hope for Parker and hope for our family.

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  1. That really looks like fun.

    And yes it's important to always stay hopeful. I think life somehow works out better with a positive attitude.