Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just surviving...

We had one of those days you just survive today. It wasn't necessarily bad, but Parker hasn't felt well in a few days and Conner acted like he didn't feel well today either. I had two wisdom teeth removed last Friday and had a lot of pain from that today too. The only productive thing we did all day was take the dog to the groomers and go pick him up. Seriously. He looks a lot better. The only before picture I could find was one where Conner put Mickey Mouse ears on him:

And here is the after:

He looks a lot better than he did.

I'm excited because Lost comes on tonight and that's one of the two shows I'm hooked on. The other is Big Brother (I know, I know, it's aweful). So, I've got to go get ready to watch that which mostly involves making sure the boys are in bed on time! :D

Tomorrow is a full day, lol. Parker has a speech lesson in the morning and we need to pack. After naptime the boys and I are driving to Jerry's parents' house. I have a follow up appt on my wisdom teeth on Friday and Linda (my MIL) is keeping the boys for me. After that, we'll spend the weekend there where we'll be joined by Jerry-my baby daddy. Babies daddy actually and my dh. He's alright. :D Here he is:

Conner's cheeks look full because they were stuffed with candy that's supposed to go on the bunny house!

So, anyway! That was my day and that's my family!


  1. Cute dog!!! GL at your follow up on Friday!

  2. I posted you a beautiful long comment but it got eaten ! These computers are really trying my patience this week.

    This is a great looking blog and you're a wonderful writer. I'll definately be back.

  3. He does look better! Conner is a cutie with a mouthful of candy. :)

  4. Cute doggie!!! Those are two handsome fella's you have there!